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1. A cylindrical holder or bobbin used as a core for a cylindrical yarn package. 2. A cylindrical yarn package.
T-cloth T-shirt Tablet Test
Tablet Weaving Tackiness Tactic Polymer
Taffeta Tak Dyeing Take-up (Twist)
Take-up (Yarn-in-fabric) Tangent Modulus Tanglelaced Fabric
Tape Tape Yarn Tare
Tarpaulin TaslinŽ Process Tear Strength
Teasel Burr Temperature Of Zero Birefringence Tenacity
TencelŽ Tensile Factor Tensile Hysteresis Curve
Tensile Recovery Curve Tensile Strain Tensile Strength
Tensile Stress Tensile Test Tenter Frame
Tenter Mark Terephthalic Acid Terpolymer
Terry Cloth Tertiary Colors Tetrachloride
Tetrafluoroethylene Fiber Tex Textile
Textile Materials Textile Processing Texture
Textured Textured Yarns Texturing
Thermal Bonding Thermal Character Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Fixation Thermally Stabilized Thermo-man
Thermobonding Thermogravimetric Analysis Thermoplastic
Thermoset Thermosol Process Thermotropic Polymer
Thick Filling Thick-and-thin Yarn Thin End
Thread Thread Count Thread Out
Threaded-roll Process Threadlines Threadup
Three-bar Fabric Three-dimensional Weaving Throughput
Throwing Throwster Thrum
Ticking Tie-back Tight Or Loose End
Tight Spot Time-to-break Tint
Tip-sheared Carpet Tire Construction Tire Cord
Tire Fabric Tire-builder Fabric Titanium Dioxide
Tobacco Cloth Toe Closing Toile
Tongue Tear Strength Top Top Colors
Top Dyeing Torque Torque Yarn
Total Denier (Of Tow) Toughness Tow
Transesterification Transfer Tail Transition Temperature
Trapezoid Tear Tester Trapped End Traveler
Traverse Length Traverse Ratio Tree Bark
Triacetate Fiber Triacetin Triaxial Fabrics
Tricot Tricot Beam Tricot Fabric Yield
Tricot Knitting Tricot Section Trimer
Triskelion Cross Section Tristimulus Values True Tensile Strength
Tub Tube Tubing
Tubular Fabric Tuck Stitch Tuft
Tufted Carpet Tufted Fabric Tulle
Tunnel Test Turbidity Turn
Turned-over Edge Tweed Twill Weave
Twilo Process Twine Twist
Twist Bleed Twist Multiplier Twist Setting
Twist, Direction Of Twisting Twit
Two-for-one Twister