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A cylindrical or slightly tapered barrel, with or without flanges, for holding slubbings, rovings, or yarns.
Back Coating Back Warp Back-sizing
Backcoating Backed Cloth Backfilling
Backing Backing Yarn Backstitch
Backwinding Bactericidal Fiber Bad Cast
Bagging Baggy Cloth Baggy Selvage
Balanced Cloth Balanced Twists Bale
Ball Mill Ball Warp Balling Up
Balloon Balloon Fabric Banding, Heavy Tow
Bandle Bank Bar Code
Barathea Barking Barre
Base Fabric Basic Basic Dyes
Basis Weight Basket Stitch Basket Weave
Bast Fiber Bathrobe Blanketing Batik
Batiste Batting Bayardere
Bcf Yarns Beaded Selvage Beaded Velvet
Beam Beam Dyeing Machine Beaming
Beamroll Bearded Spring Needle Bearding
Beater Beating-up Beaver Cloth
Beck Bedford Cord Beetling
Bending Length Bending Modulus Bending Rigidity
Bengaline Benzene Benzoate Fiber
Beta Cellulose Bias Fabric Bias Filling
Bicomponent Fibers Bicomponent Yarns Biconstituent Fiber
Bidirectional Fabric Bilateral Fibers Binder
Binder Content Binder Fibers Biochemical Oxygen Demand (B.o.d.)
Biodegradable Birdseye Birefringence
Blanket Blanket Mark Bleaching
Bleb Bleb Rate Bleeding
Blend Blending Blinding
Blister Block Printing Bloom
Blooming Blotch Blotch Printing
Boardy Bobbin Bobtex® Ics Yarn System
Body Boil Off Boiling Water Shrinkage
Bolt Bond Strength Bonded Fabric
Bonding Bonding With Binder Fibers Book Cloth
Book Fold Boron Fiber Boss
BouclÉ BouclÉ Yarn Bourrelet
Bow Box Loom Box Mark
Braid Braid Angle Braided Fabric
Braiding Break Factor Break Spinning
Break-out Breaking Length Breaking Load
Breaking Ratio Breaking Strength Breaking Tenacity
Bright Bristle Brittle Point
Broad Goods Broadcloth Broadloom
Brocade Brocatelle Broken End
Broken Pick Broken Selvage Bruise
Brushing Bucket Spinning Buckram
Buildup Bulk Development Bulked Yarn
Bunting Burlap Burling
Burn-out Printing Burning Rate Burr
Bursting Strength Butcher’s Linen