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  Textile Dictionary  
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1. A headless tube upon which yarn or thread is wound. 2. Thread or yarn wound into the shape of a hollow cylinder with tapered ends. 3. Filling yarn wound upon a tapered tube (generally paper).
Abnormal Crimp Abraded Yarn Abrasion Mark
Abrasion Resistance Absorbance Absorbency
Absorbent Cotton Absorbent Finish Absorption
Absorption Accelerant Accordion Fabric
Accordion Pleats Accordion Stitch Aceta
Acetate Acetate Fiber Acetic Acid
Acetic Anhydride Acetone Acetone Recovery
Acetyl Acetyl Value Acetylation
Acid Dyes Acid Fading Acid Recovery
Acid Resistance Acid-dyeable Variants Acidic
Acrylic Fiber Acrylic Resin Acrylonitrile
Actinic Degradation Actinic Resistance Action Stretch
Activated Carbon Addition Polymerization Additive
Adhesion Adhesion Promoters Adhesive Activated Yarns
Adhesive Migration Adhesives Adipic Acid
Adsorption Advanced Composite Aesthetics
Affinity Afterglow Aftertreatment
Ageing Ager Agglomeration
Agitate Air Bag Air Brushing
Air Conditioning Air Entangled Yarns Air Forming
Air Jet Spinning Air Jet Texturing Air Permeability
Air-laid Nonwovens Air-supported Roof Airplane Fabric
Albatross Alginate Fiber Alkaline
Alkylation Alloy Alpaca
Alpaca Stitch Alpha Cellulose Alsimag®
Alternating Twist Ambient Conditions Amine End Group
Amorphous Angora Anhydride
Anidex Fiber Aniline Dyes Animal Fibers
Anion Anisotropic Anthraquinone Dyes
Antibacterial Finish Antichlor Antifelting Agents
Antifoaming Agent Antioxidant Antisoiling Properties
Antistaining Properties Antistatic Agent Antistatic Properties
Applique Apron Mark Arachne Machine
Aramid Fiber Argyle Art Linen
Artificial Turf Asbestos Aspect Ratio
Asphalt Overlay Fabrics Astrakhan Cloth Atactic Polymer
Atmospheric Conditions Atmospheric Fading Attrition Mills
Autoclave Average Stiffness Average Toughness
Axial Yarn Axminster Carpet Azlon Fiber
Azo Dyes Azoic Dyes Back Coating
Back Warp Back-sizing Backcoating
Backed Cloth Backfilling Backing
Backing Yarn Backstitch Backwinding
Bactericidal Fiber Bad Cast Bagging
Baggy Cloth Baggy Selvage Balanced Cloth
Balanced Twists Bale Ball Mill
Ball Warp Balling Up Balloon
Balloon Fabric Banding, Heavy Tow Bandle
Bank Bar Code Barathea
Barking Barre Base Fabric
Basic Basic Dyes Basis Weight
Basket Stitch Basket Weave Bast Fiber
Bathrobe Blanketing Batik Batiste
Batting Bayardere Bcf Yarns
Beaded Selvage Beaded Velvet Beam
Beam Dyeing Machine Beaming Beamroll
Bearded Spring Needle Bearding Beater
Beating-up Beaver Cloth Beck
Bedford Cord Beetling Bending Length
Bending Modulus Bending Rigidity Bengaline
Benzene Benzoate Fiber Beta Cellulose
Bias Fabric Bias Filling Bicomponent Fibers
Bicomponent Yarns Biconstituent Fiber Bidirectional Fabric
Bilateral Fibers Binder Binder Content
Binder Fibers Biochemical Oxygen Demand (B.o.d.) Biodegradable
Birdseye Birefringence Blanket
Blanket Mark Bleaching Bleb
Bleb Rate Bleeding Blend
Blending Blinding Blister
Block Printing Bloom Blooming
Blotch Blotch Printing Boardy
Bobbin Bobtex® Ics Yarn System Body
Boil Off Boiling Water Shrinkage Bolt
Bond Strength Bonded Fabric Bonding
Bonding With Binder Fibers Book Cloth Book Fold
Boron Fiber Boss BouclÉ
BouclÉ Yarn Bourrelet Bow
Box Loom Box Mark Braid
Braid Angle Braided Fabric Braiding
Break Factor Break Spinning Break-out
Breaking Length Breaking Load Breaking Ratio
Breaking Strength Breaking Tenacity Bright
Bristle Brittle Point Broad Goods
Broadcloth Broadloom Brocade
Brocatelle Broken End Broken Pick
Broken Selvage Bruise Brushing
Bucket Spinning Buckram Buildup
Bulk Development Bulked Yarn Bunting
Burlap Burling Burn-out Printing
Burning Rate Burr Bursting Strength
Butcher’s Linen Cabinet Cable Stitch
Cable Twist Cabled Yarn Calavry Twill
Calender Calender Coating Calender Coating
Calendering Calendering Calendering Rolls
Calico Calorimetry Cam
Cambric Camel Cloth Can
Candle Filter Candle Water Temperature Candlewick Fabric
Canton Flannel Canvas Cap Spinning
Capacitance Caprolactam Carbon Fiber
Carbon-arc Lamp Carbonizing Carboxyl End Group
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Card Card Choking
Card Clothing Card Conversion Efficiency Carded Yarn
Cardigan Carding Care Label
Carpet Backing Carpet Underlay Carpets
Carrier Carrierless Dyeing Variants Casement Cloth
Cashmere Cast Coating Cast Coating
Cat Eye Catalyst Caterpillar
Cation Cationic Dyeable Variants Cationic Dyes
Caustic Soda Cellophane Cellulose
Cellulose Acetate Cellulosic Fiber Center Loop
Centering Mark Centrifugal Pot Centrifuge
Ceramic Fiber Chafe Mark Chafed End
Chafer Fabric Chain Binders Chain Dyeing
Chalkiness Challis Chambray
Chameleon Change In Filling Change Inlingth On Untwisting
Char Length Cheese Cheesecloth
Chelating Agent Chemical Crimping Chemical Fiber
Chemical Finishing Chemical Stability Chenille
Cheviot Chevron Chiffon
Chinchilla Cloth Chino Chintz
Chip Chlorine Retention Choked Coiler
Choked Flyers Chromaticity Chromatography
Chute-feed System Circular Knitting Circular-knit Fabric
CirÉ Clamps Clarity
Clearing Clipmark Clo
CloquÉ Fabric Cloth Cloudy Web
Clumps Coacervation Coagulation
Coagulation Bath Coalesced Filaments Coalescence
Coarse End Coarse Filling Coarse Pick
Coarse Thread Coated Fabric Coating
Cockled Yarn Cockling Cohesion
Coil Yarn Coiling Color Abrasion
Color Stripper Colorfastness Colorimeter
Colorimetry Colour Index (Ci) Combed Sliver
Combed Yarn Combination Fabric Combination Yarn
Combined Yarn Combing Comfort
Commercial Allowance Commercial Moisture Regain Commercial Weight
Commingled Yarn Compact Spinning Process Compacted Yarns
Compaction Compactor Compatible Shrinkage
Compliance Composite Composite Fibers
Compressibility Condensation Polymerization Conditioning
Cone Coning Conjugate Fiber
Conjugate Yarn Consolidation Contact Angle
Continuous Filament Continuous Filament Yarn Continuous Polymerization
Contraction Converted Fabric Converter
Convolution Cop Copolymer
Cord Corded Selvage Corduroy
Core Spinning Core-bulked Yarn Core-spun Yarn
Corkscrew Twist Corrugation Mark Cot
Cottage Steamer Cotton Count Cotton Fiber
Cotton Linters Cotton System Count
Course Cover Cover Factor
Coverstock Covert Cowoven Fabric
Crab Crabbing Crack
Crack Mark Crash Crease
Crease Recovery Crease Retention Crease-resistant
Creel Creeling Creep
Crenular Cross Section Crepe Cretonne
Crimp Crimp Amplitude Crimp Deregistering
Crimp Energy Crimp Frequency Crimp Setting
Crimped Yarn Crimping Crindle Yarn
Crinkle Crinoline Critical Length
Crocheting Crocking Crooked Cloth
Cross Direction Cross Dyeing Cross-flow Quench
Cross-linking Cross-section Cross-stitch
Crowsfeet Crystalline Crystalline Growth
Crystallinity Crystallization Cupioni
Cuprammonium Rayon Curing Curl
Cushion-back Carpet Cut Cut Pile
Cut Selvage Cut Staple Cut Tape
Cut Velvet Cut Yarn Cutter
Cyclic Stress-strain Cyclic Trimer Cylinder
Cylinder Loading Cymatic Printing Damaged Selvage
Damask Dampening (In Tire Cord) Decating
Decating Mark Decatizing Decitex
Decorticating Deep Dyeing Deep-dyeing Variants
Defects Deformation Degradation
Degree Of Esterification Degree Of Polymerization Degumming
Delayed Deformation Delustering Delustrant
Denier Denier Variation Denim
Density Dent Deregistering (Crimp)
Desulfurizing Detergent Developed Dyes
Developing Dewpoint Diagonal (45°) Flame Test
Dial Diamine Dielectric Breakdown Voltage
Dielectric Constant Dielectric Strength Differential Thermal Analysis
Diffusion Dimensional Restorability Dimensional Stability
Dimethyl Terephthalate Dimity Dip
Dip Coating Dip Dyeing Dip Penetration
Dip Pickup Dip Treating Direct Dyes
Direct Esterification Direct Printing Direction Of Twist
Directionally Oriented Fabrics Disc Test Discharge Printing
Discolored Pick Dispersant Disperse Dyes
Dispersion Distribution Length Divided Threadline Extrusion
Dobby Doctor Blade Doctor Streak
Doeskin Finish Doff Doffer
Doffer Comb Doffer Loading Doffing
Donegal Dope Dope-dyed
Dotted Swiss Double Back Double End
Double Pick Double Selvage Double Weave
Double-cloth Construction Double-knit Fabric Doubling
Douppioni Downdraft Metier Downgrade
Downtwister Downtwisting Dowtherm®
Draft Draft Ratio Drafting
Dragged-in Filling Drainage Fabrics Drape
Draw Down Draw Ratio Draw-back
Draw-crimping Draw-frame Blends Draw-sizing
Draw-texturing Draw-twisting Draw-warping
Draw-winding Drawing Drawing-in
Drawn Tow Drill Drop Stitch
Drop Wires Dropped Stitches Dry Cleaning
Dry Filling Dry Forming Dry Spinning
Dry-laid Nonwovens Drying Cylinders Duck
Duck Eye Dull Dumbells
Dungaree Duplex Printing Durability
Durable Press Dust-resistant Dwell Time
Dye Fleck Dye Migration Dye Range
Dye Sites Dyeing Dyeing Auxillaries
Dyes Dyes 1 Dyestuff
Dynamic Adhesion Dynapoint Process Ease-of-care
Easy-care Edge Crimping Edge Roll
Elastic Limit Elastic Recovery Elasticity
Elasticized Fabric Elastomers Electrical Conductivity
Electrical Finish Electrical Resistivity Elmendorf Tear Tester
Elongation Elongation At Break Embossed Satin
Embossing Embroidery Emulsion
Emulsion Polymerization Emulsion Spinning End
End End Out Energy Absorption
Energy-to-break Engraving Entangled Yarns
Entangling Entering Epitropic Fibers
Epoxy Resin Equivalent Single Yarn Number Erosion Control Fabrics
Ester Interchange Esterification Esthetics
Etching Ethylene Ethylene Glycol
Evenness Testing Excessive Clearer Waste Exhaustion
Extended Length Extensibility Extract Printing
Extractables Extraction Extruder
Extrusion Eyelet Fabric
Fabric Construction Fabric Crimp Fabric Crimp Angle
Fabric Finish Fabric Sett Fabric Stabilizer
Face Facing FaconnÉ
Fade-ometer® Faille False-twisting
Fancy Yarn Fasciated Yarn Fashioning
Fastness Fatigue Feel
Fell Felt Felting
Festoon Dryer Fiber Fiber Architecture
Fiber Distribution Fiber Migration Fiber Number
Fiber Placement Fiber-reactive Dyes Fiberfill
Fibrets Fibrids Fibril
Fibrillated-film Yarn Fibrillation Filament
Filament Count Filament Number Filament Winding
Filament Yarn Filler Fillet
Filling Filling Band Filling BarrÉ
Filling Bow Filling Skewness Filling Snarl
Film Yarn Filter Aid Filter Cloth
Filter Fabrics Findings Fine End
Fine Structure Fineness Fines
Finger Mark Finish Finish Composition (Yard)
Finish Turns Finished Fabric Finishing
Finishing Bar Finishing Spot Fire-blocking Layer
First Quality First-order Transition Temperature Fish Eye
Fissure Fixation Flake
Flake Yarn Flaky Web Flame Resistance Tests
Flame Resistant Flame Retardant Flammability Tests
Flange Crimping Flannel Flapper
Flash Ageing Flash Spinning Flat
Flat Abrasion Tester Flat Card Flat Duck
Flat Knitting Flat-knit Fabric Flat-knitting Machine
Flat-top Card Flatspotting Flax
Fleece Fabric Flex Abrasion Tester Flexibility
Flexural Fatigue Flexural Rigidity Float
Float Stitch Floating Ends Flocculating
Flock Flocking Fluffing
Fluorescence Fly Fly Frame
Flyer Flyer Spinning Flyer Spinning Frame
Flyer Waste Foam Folded Selvage
Folded Yarn Foreign Waste Formaldeyde
Formed Fabric Foulard Frame
Framework Knitting Fraying Free-wheeling
Frenchback Frequency Friction False-twist Texturing
Friction Spinning FriezÉ Frost Marks
Frosting Full-fashioned Fulling
Fume Fading Fused Acetate Fused Filaments
Fused Ribbon Fusing Fuzz Ball
Fuzziness Gabardine Gage
Gaiting Galatea Gamma Cellulose
Garment Defects Garnetting Gas Fading
Gassing Gauge Gauge Wire
Gauze Gear Crimping Gel
Gel Dyeing Gel Spinning Geogrid
Geomembrane Protection Fabric Geotextiles Gigging
Gilling Gingham GlacÉ
Glass Fiber Glass Transition Temperature Glazing
Global Radiation Glow Godet Roll
Gout Grab Strength Test Graft Copolymer
Gram Break Factor Graphite Fiber Gray Fabric
Green Tack Greige Fabric Grenadine
Grex Grey Fabric Grinning
Gripper Looms Grosgrain Ground Color
Growth Guide Bar Guides
Guillotine Gum Hair Cloth
Hairy Half Cloth Hand
Hand Pick Hand-blocked Print Handle
Hang Pick Hang Shot Hank
Hank Roving Hard Fiber Hard Size
Hardness Harness Harness Chain
Harsh Fiber Head End Heat Resistance
Heat Stabilized Heat-setting Heather Yarn
Heavy Filling Heavy Pick Heavyend
Heddle Helix Angle Hemicelluloses
Hemp Herringbone Hessian
Heterofilament Hexamethylenediamine High Density
High Modulus High Ph Finish High Tenacity
High-bulk Yarn High-low Pile High-shrink Staple
High-temperature Dyeing Highloft Hitch-back
Holes (Tow) Holland Holland Finish
Hollow Filament Fibers Homespun Honan
Hook Reed Hopsacking Horizontal Flame Test
Horizontal Line Hot-air Shrinkage Hot-head Press
Hot-melt Adhesive Houndstooth Huckaback
Hybrid Composite Hybrid Fabric Hybrid Yarn
Hydraulic Entanglement Hydroentangling Hydroextractor
Hydrogenation Hydrolysis Hydrophilic
Hydrophobic Hydroscopic Hydroxyl End Group
Hygroscopic Hysteresis Imbibition
Immediate Elastic Deformation Impact Resistance Impact Strength
Impregnated Fabric In The Gum Index Of Refraction
Indigo Industrial Fabric Industrial Yarn
Inflatable Stuctures Inflow Quench Ingrain
Ingrain Yarn Inherent Flame Resistance Inherent Viscosity
Inhibitor Initial Modulus Initiator
Inspection Instron Tensile Tester Intaglio
Intensity Interfacial Polymerization Interfacing
Interlining Interlock Knit Intermingling
Intermittent Pattern Internal Dye Variability International Gray Scale
Intimate Blend Intrinsic Viscosity Ionomer
Islands-in-the-sea Isotactic Polymer Isotherm
Isotropic J-box J-cut
Jack Jacket Jacquard
JaspÉ Jean Jerk-back
Jerked-in Filling Jersey Jersey Velour
Jet Jet Loom Jet-dyeing Machine
Jig Jute Jute Butt
Jute Count Kaai Finish Kalings Silk
Kapok Keratin Kersey
Khaddar Khaki Kier
Kier Boiling Kink Kinking
Kinky Thread Knee Break-out Test Kneeing
Knit Fabric Knit-de-knit Knit-miss
Knitting Kraft Pulps Kraft Yarn
Kraftcord Kroy® Shrinkproofing Process Kusters Dyeing Range
Lace Lace Stitch Laid-in Fabric
Laid-in Yarn LamÉ Laminar Flow
Laminated Fabric Lampas Lap
Lap Splitting Lapping Lase
Laser Lashed-in Filling Lastrile Fiber
Latch Needle Latent Crimp Latex
Lawn Lcp Lea
Lea Count Constant Lea Product Leaching
Leader Mark Leno Fabric Leno Weave
Let-off Motion Level Loop Leveling
Lickerin Lickerin Loading Light End
Lightfastness Lignin Limiting Oxygen Index
Linear Density Linen Linen Lea
Linet Lining Fabric Link-and-link
Linked Processes Linon A Jour Lint
Lint Ball Linters Liquid Crystal
Liquid Crystal Polymer Liquor Ratio Lisle Yarn
Living Ring Load-deformation Curve Load-elongation Curve
Loft Long Staple Loom
Loom BarrÉ Loom Fly Loom-finished
Loop Elongation Loop Pile Loop Tenacity
Loop-knot Looped Filling Looped Pile
Looped Yarn Looping Looping Bar
Loopy Selvage Loopy Yarn Loose Edge
Loose End Loose Filling Loose Pick
Lost End Lot Low Rows
Luana Lubricant Luminescence
Luster Lustering Lyocell Fiber
Lyotropin Polymer Mace Snag Test Machine Direction
Machine Twist Macrolattice Madras
Magazine Loom Mallory Fatigue Test Mandrell
Manila Manufactured Fiber Mark Off
Marker Market Bleach Marl Yarn
Marquisette Married Fiber Clump MatelassÉ
Material Balance Matrix Fiber Matt Effect
Matted Staple Mechanical Finishing Melded Fabric
Melt Melt Blend Melt Blowing
Melt Index Melt Spinning Melt Viscosity
Melt-dyed Melting Point Melton
Mending Mercerization Merge
Merino Mesh Fabrics Meta
Metallic Fiber Metallized Dyes Metameric Color Match
Metap Weave-knit Process Metering Pump Methenamine Pill Test
Metier Metier Twist Metric Count
Microdenier Microencapsulation Micronaire Method
Migration Mil Milanese Knitting
Mildew Mildew Resistance Mill End
Mill Run Milling Mineral Fibers
Minimum Care Misclip Mispick
Miss-stitch Missing End Mixed End Or Filling
Mock Dyeing Mock Leno Modacrylic Fiber
Modulus Mohair MoirÉ
Moisture Properties Moisture Regain Moisture-free Weight
Moleskin Monk’s Cloth Monofil
Monofilament Monomer Mordant
Moresque Morphology Mote
Muff Muff Dyeing Mule Spinning Frame
Mullen Bursting Strength Multifilament Multilobal Cross Section
Murata® Spinning Mushroom Test Muslin
Mussiness Nainsook Nap
Naphthalene Naphthol Dyes Napping
Narrow Fabric Natural Natural Dyes
Natural Fiber Necking Needle
Needle Bed Needle Loom Needle Loop
Needle Set-out Needle Slot Needled Fabrics
Needlepunching Nep Net
Net Rate Netting Neutron-absorbing Fiber
Ninon Nip Nip Creases
Noil Nonelastic Woven Tape Nontorque Yarn
Nonwoven Fabric Novelty Yarn Novoloid Fiber
Nozzle Nub Yarn Nucleation
Nun’s Veiling Nylon Fiber Nytril Fiber
Oatmeal Off-clip Off-pressing
Off-square Oil Stains Oil-repellent
Oilcloth Oilproof Olefin Fiber
Oleophilic Oleophobic Oligomer
OmbrÉ On-stream Ondule
Open Face Open-end Spinning Opening
Optical Brightener Optical Properties Optimum Twist
Organdy Organize Yarn Organza
Orientation Orifice Ortho
Osnaburg Ottoman Outflow Quench
Oven-dry Weight Over-the-counter Overcut
Overlength Overspraying Oxford Cloth
Ozone Fading Pack Pack Life
Package Build Package Dyeing Packages
Pad Dyeing Padding Paddle Dyeing Machine
Paisley Panels (Hosiery) PannÉ Satin
PannÉ Velvet Panting Papermaker’s Felt
Para Paralleling Part Run
Partially Oriented Staple Partially Oriented Yarns (Poy) Pattern
Pattern Wheel Pbi Pearl
Peau De Soie Pebble-weave Fabric Pece
Peel Adhesion Peeler Pegging
Pegging Jets Pelerine Percale
Perching Permanent Deformation Permanent Finish
Permanent Growth Permanent Press Permanent Set
Permeability Permittivity Ph
Phase-separation Spinning Phases Beam Phenolic
Phenyl Phosphorescence Phosphoric Acid
Photographic Printing Phthalic Acid Pick
Pick Count Pick Counter Pick-out Mark
Picker Picker Lap Picker Sticks
Picking Picot Piece
Piece Dyeing Piecing Pigment
Pigment Printing Pigmented Yarn Pile
Pile Crush Pile Weave Pile Wire
Pill Pilling Pilot
Pin Drafting Pin Mark Pinhead
Pinhole Pinion BarrÉ Pinning
Pinsonic® Thermal Joining Machine PiquÉ Pirn
Pirn BarrÉ Pitch Plain Weave
Plain-knit Fabric Plaiting Plastic
Plasticizer Plated Pleat
Plied Yarn Plied Yarn Duck PlissÉ
Plucking Plugging Value Plush
Ply Ply Twisting Plyfil®
Plying Point Bonding Polyamide
Polyarylate Polybenzimidazole Fiber (Pbi) Polyblends
Polychlal Fiber Polyester Fiber Polyetheretherketone Fiber (Peek)
Polyetherimide Fiber (Pei) Polyethersulfone Fiber (Pes) Polyethylene Fiber
Polyimide Fiber Polymer Polymerization
Polymerize Polynosic Fiber Polyolefin Fiber
Polyoxyamide Fiber Polypropylene Fiber Polytetrafluoroethylene Fiber (Ptfe)
Polyurethane Fiber Polyvinyl Alcohol Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber
Pongee Ponte Di Roma Popcorn
Poplin Porosity Pot Spinning
Potash Powder-bonded Nonwoven Power Factor
Poy Preconditioning Preform
Preoxidized Fiber Prepreg Pressley Index
Pressure Drop Pressure Dyeing Pressure Mark
Pretension Primary Backing Primary Colors
Primary Creep Print Print Bonding
Print Cloth Print Paste Printing
Printing 1 Producer Twist Producer-colored
Producer-textured Yarns Projectile Loom Pucker
Pulled-in Filling Pulp Pultrusion
Purl Pyrolysis Quadripolymer
Quality Quality Control Quality Wools
Quartz Fiber Quench Quench Spacer
Quenching Quetsch Quill
Quilt Rack Racked Stitch
Racking Radiant Panel Test Radio-frequency Drying
Rails Rain Grown Cotton Rain Test
Rainbowing Raising Ramie
Random-sheared Carpet Rapier Looms Raschel Knitting
RatinÉ Ravel Raveling
Raw Fiber Rayon Fiber Reaction Spinning
Reaming Reconstituted Fibers Recovery
Recreational Surfaces Reduction Clearing Reed
Reed Marks Reel Reeling
Refractive Index Refractory Fiber Regain Standard
Regenerated Cellulose Reinforcement Fabrics Related Shades
Relative Humidity Relative Viscosity Relaxed Yarn
Relset® Process Repack Order Repeat
Repellency Reserve Dyeing Residual Shrinkage
Resiliency Resin Resin-treated
Resist Dyeing Resist Printing Restraint Systems
Retarder Reversible Bonded Fabric Revolving Spinning Ring
Rheological Properties Rib Knit Ribbing
Ribbon Rickrack Ridgy Beam
Ridgy Cloth Ring Ring Spinning Frame
Ring-spinning Ringer Rip Out
Ripening Ripped Selvage Riser
Roll Goods Roll Lapping Rolled Ends
Rolled Selvage Roller Card Roller Printing
Rope Rope Mark Rot Resistance
Rotary Screen Printing Rotoflex Rotor Spinning
Rough Rough Selvage Roving
Roving Frame Rows Rub
Rubber Filament Run-of-the-mill Run-proof
Run-resistant Runner Runner Length
S Twist S-finishing Sailcloth
Salloped Selvage Sample Sand
Sandwich Blend Sanfor-set® Sanforized®
Saponification Saran Fiber Sase
Sateen Satin Weave Saturation
Saturation Bonding Saturation Value Saxony
Schappe Scorching Scouring
Screen Screen Printing Screw Feeds
Screw Melter Scrim Scroop
Sculptured Seam Mark Seam Slippage
Seam Welding Seaming Seamless
Secant Modulus Second-order Transition Temperature Secondary Backing
Secondary Colors Secondary Creep Seconds
Section Beam Section Mark Seersucker
Self-twist Yarn Selvage Or Selvedge Sequestrant
Serge Serging Sericin
Served Yarn Set Mark Set Point
Set Yarns Sewing Thread Seydel Converter
Shade Bar Shadecloth Shaded Filling
Shading Shadow Printing Shaft
Shaft Mark Shag Carpet Shantung
Sharkskin Shearing Sheath-core Fibers
Shed Shedding Sheers
Shier Shiner Shire
Shoe Fold Shogged Stitch Short-cut Staple
Short-liquor Dyeing Shot Shredding
Shrinkage Shrinkage Force Shuttle
Shuttle Chafe Mark Shuttleless Loom Silicone
Silk Fiber Simulated Spun Yarns Singeing
Single-knit Fabric Singles Yarn Singling
Sinker Sintering Sisal
Size Size Mark Sizing
Skein Skein Break Factor Skein Breaking Tenacity
Skein Dyeing Skewness Slack End
Slack Filling Slack Mercerization Slack Pick
Slack Selvage Slack Thread Slack Warp
Slam-off Slasher Slasher Sizing
Slashing Sleazy Sleeving
Sley Slide Waste Slippage
Slit Tape Slit-film Yarn Sliver
Sliver Knitting Sloughed Filling Slub
Slub Catcher Slub Yarn Slubber
Slubbing Slubbing Frame Slug
Slurry Smash Smoke Chamber Test
Smouldering Snag Snarl
Snow Ball Soaking Soap
Softener Softening Point Soil Burial Test
Soiling Solid-state Polymerization Soluble
Solution-dyed Solvent Dyeing Solvent Spinning
Souring Space Dyeing Spandex Fiber
Specific Gravity Speck Specking
Specky Spectrograph Spectrometer
Spectrophotometer Spectroscope Spectroscopy
Spherulite Spin Finish Spin Multiplier
Spin-drawing Spindle Spinneret
Spinning Spinning Frame Spinning Solution
Spinning Twist Spiral Yarns Splicing
Splinter Splinter Count Split
Split End Split-draft Metier Split-flow Metier
Splitting Spool Spot Bonding
Spray Bonding Spray Spinning Spread Stitch
Spring Needle Spun Fabric Spun Silk
Spun Yarn Spun-bonded Products Spun-dyed
Spunlaced Fabric Spunlike Filament Yarns Square Construction
Squeegee Squeeze Rolls Stability
Stabilized Fiber Stain Staining
Stainless-steel Fiber Standard Atmosphere Standard Condition
Standard Deviation Standard Moisture Regain Standing Wire
Staple Staple Fabric Staple Fiber
Staple Processing Staple Yarn Starch Lump
Start-up Mark Static Static Adhesion
Static Crack Steam Chest Stenter
Sticker Stiffness Stitch Bonding
Stitching Stock Dyeing Stockinette
Stoll-quartermaster Universal Wear Tester Stop Motion Strain Recovery Curve
Strand Straw Streak
Strength Count Product Stress Stress-strain Curve
Stretch Breaking Stretch Growth Stretch Spinning
Stretch Yarn Striations StriÉ
Stringup Stringy Selvage Stripping
Stuffer Box Stuffers Styrene
Sublimation Sublistatic® Process Substrate
Subsurface Stabilization Fabrics Suede Fabric Sulfar Fiber
Sulfate Pulp Sulfonated Sulfonic Acid
Sulfur Dyes Superabsorbent Surah
Surface Charge Surface Energy Surface Tension
Surfactant Swatch Swelling
Syndiotactic Polymer Synthetic Fiber T-cloth
T-shirt Tablet Test Tablet Weaving
Tackiness Tactic Polymer Taffeta
Tak Dyeing Take-up (Twist) Take-up (Yarn-in-fabric)
Tangent Modulus Tanglelaced Fabric Tape
Tape Yarn Tare Tarpaulin
Taslin® Process Tear Strength Teasel Burr
Temperature Of Zero Birefringence Tenacity Tencel®
Tensile Factor Tensile Hysteresis Curve Tensile Recovery Curve
Tensile Strain Tensile Strength Tensile Stress
Tensile Test Tenter Frame Tenter Mark
Terephthalic Acid Terpolymer Terry Cloth
Tertiary Colors Tetrachloride Tetrafluoroethylene Fiber
Tex Textile Textile Materials
Textile Processing Texture Textured
Textured Yarns Texturing Thermal Bonding
Thermal Character Thermal Conductivity Thermal Fixation
Thermally Stabilized Thermo-man Thermobonding
Thermogravimetric Analysis Thermoplastic Thermoset
Thermosol Process Thermotropic Polymer Thick Filling
Thick-and-thin Yarn Thin End Thread
Thread Count Thread Out Threaded-roll Process
Threadlines Threadup Three-bar Fabric
Three-dimensional Weaving Throughput Throwing
Throwster Thrum Ticking
Tie-back Tight Or Loose End Tight Spot
Time-to-break Tint Tip-sheared Carpet
Tire Construction Tire Cord Tire Fabric
Tire-builder Fabric Titanium Dioxide Tobacco Cloth
Toe Closing Toile Tongue Tear Strength
Top Top Colors Top Dyeing
Torque Torque Yarn Total Denier (Of Tow)
Toughness Tow Transesterification
Transfer Tail Transition Temperature Trapezoid Tear Tester
Trapped End Traveler Traverse Length
Traverse Ratio Tree Bark Triacetate Fiber
Triacetin Triaxial Fabrics Tricot
Tricot Beam Tricot Fabric Yield Tricot Knitting
Tricot Section Trimer Triskelion Cross Section
Tristimulus Values True Tensile Strength Tub
Tube Tubing Tubular Fabric
Tuck Stitch Tuft Tufted Carpet
Tufted Fabric Tulle Tunnel Test
Turbidity Turn Turned-over Edge
Tweed Twill Weave Twilo Process
Twine Twist Twist Bleed
Twist Multiplier Twist Setting Twist, Direction Of
Twisting Twit Two-for-one Twister
Ultimate Tensile Strength Ultrasonic Quilting Ultraviolet Degradation
Ultraviolet Resistance Umbrella Fabrics Uncrimping Energy
Underpick Loom Undrawn Tow Undrawn Yarn
Uneven Dyeing Uneven Shrinkage Uneven Surface
Uneven Yarn Unfinished Worsted Unidirectional Fabric
Union Cloth Union Dyeing Unopened Staple
Unrelaxed Yarn Updraft Metier Uptwister
Uptwisting Urethane Uster Tester
Uv Absorbers V-bed Flat-knitting Machine Value Of Colour
Variant Vat Dyes Vectran® Fiber
Vegetable Dye Vegetable Fiber Velour
Velvet Carpet Velvet Fabric Velveteen
Vertical Flame Test Vibroscope Vinal Fiber
Vinyl Vinylidene Chloride Vinyon Fiber
Viscometer Viscose Process Viscose Rayon
Viscose Solution Viscosity Visible Light
Voile Fabric Volatile Volatility
Volume Resistivity Vulcanization Wale
Warp Warp Beam Warp Holding Place
Warp Knitting Warp Pile Warp Print
Warp Sheet Warp Sizing Warp Streaks
Warp Yarn Warp-drawing Warp-knit Fabric
Warping Wash Wash-and-wear
Washfastness Waste Water Imbibition
Water-jet Loom Water-repellent Waterless Dyeing
Waterproof Wavy Cloth Wavy Selvage
Weak Web Weak Yarn Wear Test
Weather-ometer Weave Weaving
Web Webbing Weft
Weft Insertion Weft Knitting Weft-knit Fabric
Weighted Silk Welt Wet Forming
Wet Spinning Wet Strength Wet-laid Nonwoven
Whipcord Whipped Cream Whipped-in Filling
Whiskers White Goods Wicking
Width Williams Unit Wilton Carpet
Winch Wind Ratio Winding
Window Paning Wood Grain Wood Pulp
Woof Wool Woolen Card
Woolen Count Woolen Cut Woolen Run
Woolen System Work Recovery Work-to-break
Working Loss Worsted Worsted Card
Worsted Count Worsted System Woven Fabric
Wrinkle Mark Wrinkle Recovery Wrinkle Resistance
Wrong Color Pick Wrong Pick Xamitum
Xanthating Xenon-arc Lamp Xylina
Yard Goods Yardage Yarn
Yarn Construction Yarn Dyed Yarn Dyeing
Yarn Dyeing Differences Yarn Intermediate Yarn Number
Yarn Number, Equivalent Single Yarn Quality Yarn Spinning
Yarn Variation Yarn-to-cord Conversion Efficiency Yellowness Coefficient
Yield Yield Point Young’s Modulus
Z-twist Zein Fiber Zephyr
Zephyr Yarn Zero-twist Yarn